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A New Way to Nosh! Plant-Based Cashew Spread

Starting at $3.50 for snack packs

A New Way to Nosh! Plant-Based Cashew Spread

Starting at $3.50 for snack packs

  • Clean Ingredients

    Cashews, Quinoa, Water

    plus local fruits, vegetables, and herbs

  • Probiotic

    natural fermentation to promote wellness at your core

  • Protein

    6g of protein per serving making healthy snacking a simple part of your life

  • Incredible Flavor

    Ingredients you understand to create flavors that make eating healthy enjoyable

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About Nosh

Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, non-dairy, looking to help the world move toward healthier more sustainable practices, or just love delicious flavors, our products have something to offer everyone.

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Nosh has been life changing for me as I am dairy free. The product makes a delicious snack, but allows me to make recipes I thought I’d never have again like broccoli cheddar soup!

I love nosh snack packs! They are my life saver on the go as I run around town after my young family. I won’t go anywhere without one in my bag. Finally something healthy on the go!

I’m not vegan, and tried this at a friends’ house who is…awesome taste and it’s good for you? I couldn’t believe it. Now I don’t leave the store without it. The chive is great on a steak!

I was skeptical because “fake” cheese just isn’t for me. There’s nothing fake about cashews and fresh herbs. I can’t get enough of the big dill!!! Seriously just try a snack pack you will be hooked.

You don’t have to be vegan to like it!

Love the snack packs for hiking, snowboarding, or floating the river. Delicious, healthy, and the packaging is so eye catching you can’t pass it up.

Snack packs are fire after a long run!

I can’t believe there’s no dairy…it’s so creamy and delicious!

My family loves the snack packs on a road trip. No more fast food!

Matthew D.
Amie S.
Quincy F.
Kasey M.
Katherine M.
Megan P.
Reed G.
Erika J.
Maureen A.
  • Natural

  • Healthy

  • Sustainable

  • Delicious


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