What is this?

What can I do with it?

It’s vegan….sad face……

First of all,YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE VEGAN TO LIKE IT. That’s a phrase we are gonna spread far and wide because in the case of NuNosh cheese it’s true! Welcome to our blog! This is a place you can find recipes on how to use our products, articles about plant-based news, and updates about what we are up to as a team including events you can try our food!

Let’s start with everyone’s first love the Big Dill! It’s deliciously smooth, easy to eat on its own, and it full of fresh dill flavor with a hint of chive….BUT what do we do with it when entertaining or making dinner? That’s the concept we want all of our customers and future fan people to embrace….what can I do with this???

For our first round let’s keep it simple! Flatbreads are a great way way to use our product in any flavor, but the dill in particular makes an incredible base. The general recipe is below for the way we make them, but the idea is grab your favorite pizza dough or Naan bread, toppings of your choice, maybe a drizzle as well, and it’s as simple as that. You can easily build an appetizer for friends, dinner for your fav, or even snack for the kids (my two year old loves it!).

Enjoy this recipe below and all those to come…we appreciate your support and if you are loving our products and content please share with your friends and families!


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