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September 02, 2018

Out in 5! Tips that will Get You and the Kids Out on Time

Mornings are chaos for most families, but they don’t have to be. Instead of rushing out the door every morning ten minutes late for everything, here are some solutions to getting everyone ready and where they need to be with less stress and more scheduling:

  • Keep everything you need to bring with you organized in one area. Everything should have a place, including shoes, coats, and backpacks. Make sure when the kids come home from school and daycare, everything is put where it belongs so you’re not hunting down the missing pieces when you have to be at work in five minutes!
  • Prep lunches in advance. If buying lunch at school is not an option, you have to find a routine for preparing lunches. Whenever you’re making a meal and already in the kitchen, consider what you can do to get lunches ready. Could you bag up snack bags with crackers or pretzels while the water is boiling for pasta at dinnertime? Can you whip up a sandwich while you’re waiting for the chicken to cook in the oven? Also, when kids are a little older, have them give you a hand in preparing ready-to-pack snacks and foods that they can prep themselves.
  • Set out clothes the night before. This may seem like a no brainer, but seriously, it can make mornings a lot less hectic! Check the weather, work with your child on something they want to wear, and have it ready to go the minute they wake up!
  • Wake up earlier. Mornings don’t have to be hectic, but they often are because parents and children are waiting until the very last minute to head out the door. Wake up a little earlier. Enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before the chaos begins, and plan in time for children to lolly-gag. If they don’t, you’ll be ahead of schedule. If they do, you won’t be running behind for work.
  • Teach your children responsibility. While it doesn’t make since to expect your three-year-old to get up and do everything they need to on their own, older kids should be able to have a certain sense of responsibility and are able to take care of some of their needs alone. Teach your children how to help out in the morning and let them take the reins for certain steps to build independence.

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