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December 01, 2017

Baby Names Inspired by Christmas

Both of my boys are summer babies – born in July and June, respectively – and so I’ve never experienced the joy of having a baby at Christmas time (also known in my house as the most wonderful time of the year). But man – what better time in the year than Christmas time to have a baby? Anticipation is already at an all-time high, and everyone’s already feeling really lovey and generous. So, I’d reckon people celebrate Christmas babies even MORE SO than other babies!

Are you, or anyone you know, expecting a baby this holiday season? If so, why not commemorate a Christmas baby by naming him or her after Christmas? What a sweet idea!

Here are my top twenty favorite baby names inspired by Christmas.


  1. Belle.
  2. Gloria.
  3. Grace.
  4. Hermione.
  5. Holly.
  6. Ivy.
  7. Joy.
  8. Mary.
  9. Noelle.
  10. Star/Starr.


  1. Angel.
  2. Christian.
  3. Christopher.
  4. Emmanuel.
  5. Jasper.
  6. Joseph/Joe.
  7. Nicholas.
  8. Night.
  9. Saint.
  10. Shepherd.

No matter what the baby is named, it’s obvious that he or she will be a beautiful gift to be celebrated.

Merry Christmas, babies!

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